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Salman Owega

Salman Owega, pride of Germany, ignites passion in every curve, personifying effort and commitment. His skill not only conquers circuits but also inspires those who aspire to face more challenging tracks. Salman Owega demonstrates that true victory goes beyond speed; it is a reflection of the passion to leave an indelible mark on the world of motor sports.

Nürburgring Endurance Serie (NES 2)
Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS - 1. Event, Paul Ricard 2024 - Foto: Gruppe C Photography

Jusuf Owega

In the roaring circuits of motor sports, Jusuf Owega transcends speed to embody the very essence of effort, commitment, and passion. His tireless dedication in every curve not only ignites engines but also inspires everyone to reach new speeds in life. Jusuf Owega not only conquers circuits but also hearts, proving that on the tracks and beyond, true victory is the challenging human journey of overcoming.

Dr. Ammar Owega

Dr. Ammar Owega founded the company Dr. Owega Racing in 2014 with the intention of mainly promoting and coaching junior and racing drivers. However, the company portfolio also includes the promotion and performance enhancement of other athletes such as footballers or track and field athletes. On the one side, Dr. Owega Racing provides its own racing drivers for experienced racing teams, on the other side, it offers various coaching services for young and sporty ambitious drivers. Of course, newcomers to motorsport are also very welcome at Dr. Owega Racing. Together, goals such as increased driving safety or improved vehicle control can be agreed upon and individually tackled step by step. It is also possible to start racing with us.

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